National Business Excellence Awards 2019

Organized by
The National Chamber of Commerce of Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka, renowned the world over as the resplendent isle, immersed in nature and cultural inspirations, has over the years produced men, women and institutions of Excellence in different fields. The great irrigation works, finely sculptured statues, the sensuous rock paintings are a testimony to a bygone era of Excellence.

In more recent times, Sri Lanka has produced national leaders, business leaders, writers, artists, economists, sportsmen and women (the list is endless) who have left behind a legacy of Excellence for the future generations to emulate.

Needless to say, these greats have touched and enriched our lives in no small measure. It is this spirit of Excellence that we try to recapture in the National Business Excellence Awards, not so much in terms of the individual, but of the team.

The National Chamber of Commerce of Sri Lanka, established in 1948, in the aftermath of independence, has always championed the incorporation of national values, national interest and above all national pride in business activities. Among the many initiatives implemented by the National Chamber the most prominent is the National Business Excellence Awards. It aims at providing a framework which will lead to organisational excellence. Excellent organisations will thus make a significant contribution to the socio-economic development of the country.

While selecting and rewarding winners is the finalé of this programme, the Chamber hopes that many enterprises will follow the excellence framework and be effectively guided towards excellence. The focus is not only the award winners but all enterprises that have been influenced to improve their performances, by following the excellence model and the evaluation criteria.

A team of highly qualified professionals have worked out the criteria for the marking scheme, judging, designing the trophies, and many other details critical to the Excellence of the event. Having commenced in 2004, as NBEA 2004, the National Business Excellence Awards have over the years recognized business establishment which have excelled in performance and encouraged many to pursue and conform to the suggested excellence model.

With a spirit of continuous improvement, this year too we have made further improvements to the evaluation criteria. This has been done to take cognisance of the contemporary requirements, new focus areas, and to enable more opportunity for organisations to describe why they should be considered excellent.

Application forms could be collected from the NCCSL Secretariat by paying the registration fee. Duly completed applications should be submitted to the NCCSL Secretariat on or before 1600 h, on Friday, 14 September 2018 along with the relevant submission fee.


Eligibility & Authority


  • Any registered business organization domiciled in Sri Lanka which has been in operation for a minimum period of 3 years prior to the date of application is eligible to apply.
  • Divisions, units, estates, factories etc of organizations, unless  they are legal entities by themselves, are not eligible.
  • An overall Gold award winner of a previous year is not eligible to apply for the immediately succeeding three years


The Chairman of the Panel of Judges will be the sole and final deciding authority regarding the evaluation procedures and on the recipients of the awards.


  • To recognize and reward those organizations that have excelled in all-round performance
  • To recognize and reward enterprises that have excelled in each of the excellent criteria such as Corporate Governance, Capacity Building, Performance Management, Global and Local Market Reach, Corporate Social Responsibility & Environmental Sustainability, and Business and Financial Results
  • To encourage Sri Lankan organizations to emulate those excellent organizations
  • To position Sri Lanka as a country with excellently managed organizations and thereby making it attractive for joint ventures, investments, and as a source for products and services
  • Award Ceremony

    Announcement of the winners will be made at the Awards Ceremony. However, the nominees for the awards will be informed at least two weeks prior to the event. Short video presentations will be requested from the three overall winners.

    All award winners will receive a trophy and a certificate.

    The awards ceremony will be held on Friday, 13 December 2019 at Colombo Hilton and will be followed by a gala dinner.


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